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Meditation Workshop
During the fun and practical workshop, you will learn various techniques enabling
 you to practice at home and reach deep states of physical and mental relaxation.
 ANYBODY can meditate!

 Laughter Therapy Workshop
Feel the benefits of increased oxygenation, pain relief and a general sense of well-being
 and relaxation. Laughter is like being tickled on the inside!
 Smudging Workshop
Clear your environment at home and work of tired and dull energy by
 learning this age old cleansing technique.
 It's like starting with a clean canvas!
Wholistic Massage Course
What do we do when we have a pain? Rub the area! Learn wholistic massage,
using aromatherapy oils and various massage techniques to relax sore, tight muscles
and improve circulation. This is a wonderful way to relax and nurture with
amazing benefits to the massage therapist.
All courses include notes and refreshments

Please contact Lorna for Course Dates
on 011 787 8244 or 082 454 8649
or arjuna@telkomsa.net