Polarity Therapy

"Merely having no physical pain does not always mean a happy condition of mind. We are
entitled to more and have a greater purpose for being in this world. Each one of us is
seeking the inner happiness that comes not from outward accomplishments but from the
harmony of our inner being
.” Dr. Randolph Stone, (1890-1981)

Polarity therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, an osteopath, naturopath and

This fascinating and incredibly effective therapy is based on the underlying principle of
wireless currents in, around and through the body. According to Dr. Stone, it is this subtle
energy flow that gives life and through which the soul functions. Disease occurs when the
flow is disrupted. Polarity therapy is focused on reconnecting the natural flow, which in
turn allows healing to take place.

During a polarity treatment, attention is given to the positive, negative and neutral states
of the energetic wiring. Various areas of the body are linked using gentle, medium and
deep pressure, increasing the flow of energy, dispersing resistant tension and creating a
feeling of well-being.
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